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When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper for a space, always opt for creativity and inspiration rather than rigidity and strict adherence to a certain set of rules. However, the experts at House of VLAdiLA offer some advice on turning any house into a personal "home". A place where exquisite taste becomes a topic of conversation.

"While design trends are important, most of them are constantly changing, as does personal taste. For me, when it comes to choosing the perfect wallpaper, I find it more important to connect with the space we’re planning to decorate. My goal is to first honor its surface, its edges and contours. To understand its functions and relationship with the rest of the house. To observe the activities we most often engage in that space, how much time we spend there, the emotions we feel, and what we want to amplify or soften. What we want to hide and what we want to showcase. When guests, family, and friends come by, what do we want our space to tell them about us? The choice, in my opinion, should be made willingly, based on what feels good and harmonious," says Oana Vladila, architect and co-founder of House of VLAdiLA.

Which wallpaper is the best choice: interior design principles

There are several aspects to consider when deciding which wallpaper pattern is ideal for complementing your home. The choice of colors, textures and patterns have a great influence over the final look of your home, as well as over the ambiance created by the wallpaper.

Choosing the perfect wallpaper: contrast or cohesion

The way in which the wallpaper blends, color-wise, with the rest of the decor is perhaps one of the most influential factors. If you want a cohesive decor, it's best to opt for a wallpaper that matches the color palette of the furniture pieces, textiles, and other decorative details. On the other hand, if you aim to create contrast and a "wow" effect through chromatics, choose wallpapers in vibrant, opposing, or complementary shades to the color palette of the decor elements.

Minimalism vs. maximalism

Although very different, both interior design styles are top preferences for many design enthusiasts and specialists looking to wallpaper a space. Minimalist patterns are a contemporary choice, quickly finding their place in modern industrial or Scandinavian designs. In contrast, wallpapers loaded with intricate details, floral or botanical motifs create a cozy vibe, providing warmth and texture to the room.

Small patterns in a large room, and the other way round

This is a very personal choice. It is a well known topic with conflicting opinions among both local and foreign designers. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all formula, so it's best to consider multiple factors when choosing the right pattern for your space. The wallpaper style, color palette, texture, and the way the light (both natural and artificial) hits the room are details to take into account before deciding on a wallpaper design. If the pattern gives the impression of shrinking the space or if various elements vie for our attention, it's probably necessary to choose one or two key pieces and rethink the design based on them.

Designer’s Tip

Trial and Error

"Most of our clients prefer a close collaboration in the process of designing their space, seeking advice and suggestions regarding the perfect wallpaper choice. Part of our guidance is to suggest requesting samples of their favorite patterns, hanging them one by one on the wall to see how each one complements the room, how well it matches the rest of the decor, as well as how it looks in different types of light at different times of the day," mentions Oana Vladila.

Choosing wallpaper according to the room

Wallpaper design for living rooms

As it's the room where we spend the most of our time at home and where we get to enjoy the company of guests, the choice of wallpaper has a major influence on the atmosphere in this space. If you're going for a classic style, choose wallpaper with balanced patterns or one that offers an interesting texture. On the other hand, if you want to create an accent wall or design in a bold and modern style, you can opt for a vertical garden from the Más A Tierra collection by House of VLAdiLA.

Wallpaper design for halls

Although it doesn't get as much attention as the living room, the hallway is the first part of the house that guests see when they visit you. In decorating this space, play with textures, colors, and patterns so that the hallway takes on unexpected qualities, like a true rite of passage. You can go for a delicate and diaphanous design or one displaying bold brushstrokes that will remain in your guests' memory.

Wallpaper design for bedrooms

Bedrooms are our sacred space, where tranquility and relaxation should prevail. Don’t overlook the fact that the atmosphere created will have a direct influence on the sleep quality and your overall mood. Therefore, wallpapers are a useful tool to enhance the sense of relaxation and calmness. 

Wallpaper design for bathrooms

Until recently, using wallpaper as a way of decorating a bathroom wasn't an option for many people due to high humidity, small bathroom sizes, lack of natural light, and being a high-traffic area. Modern wallpapers, such as the ones from House of VLAdiLA, are moisture-resistant, even on walls exposed to direct water sources. Regarding other potential issues, a strategic choice of wallpaper with a metallic print solves the problem of lack of natural light.

Wallpaper design for kitchens

The kitchen is again a high-traffic area with many sources of humidity. A wallpaper for this room needs to meet utility criteria regarding resistance and also fit the chosen decor style. You can opt for wallpapers with botanical prints, floral patterns, geometric shapes, or wallpapers that mimic different textures.

Bonus: Wallpaper design for ceilings

Wallpapered ceiling is a trend that’s increasing in popularity, as this surface can have a major visual impact over the final result. Opt for a design that models the natural realm, combining celestial patterns and shades, or one with diaphanous, almost cinematic patterns. The design of this type of wallpaper should be balanced with that of the walls in order to provide a sense of spaciousness and dynamism.


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