It is human nature to enjoy beauty. All people, regardless of age, era or condition, have felt the impulse to create it and bring it into their hearts and homes. Whether through inspiration or imitation, people have used their creative spirit with skill and ingenuity, bringing ordinary objects to life through decoration. Without any kind of initial usefulness, decoration came into being to fulfill various aesthetic functions, in appearance, and intrinsically vital to the development of humanity as we know it today, in essence.

Wallpaper enjoys a respectable history spanning thousands of years. From the use of rice paper and textile scraps in ancient China, the angels painted on paper in 1848 by Jean Bourdichon, to the official inventor of wallpaper, Jean-Michel Papillon, this form of decoration has managed to remain one of the main manifestations of creativity in design.

Today, wallpaper is more popular than ever. Regardless of style, patterns or trends, people choose to embellish their homes with bold, classic, eccentric or, conversely, minimalist rugs with organic, natural textures and patterns.


I want to begin with the fact that I don’t believe in the existence of a clear, foolproof set of rules that, once followed, guarantee success. There are, in fact, some general guidelines that are good to follow. But trends come and go. Tastes, too, change. Personally, I find it more important to connect with the space we want to decorate. To honor its surface, its edges, its lines. To understand its functions and its relationship to the rest of the house. To track what activities we do most often in that space, how much time we spend there, what emotions we experience and what we want to amplify or subdue. What do we want to hide and what do we want to show? When people come to our home, what do we want it to tell them about us? The choice seems to me to be made at will. Depending on what feels good and harmonious.


It’s important to select a series of wallpaper samples, which we pin to the wall one at a time, and then observe how they compliment the room, the rest of the decor, how they sit on the wallpapered surface, how we like the texture and, last but not least, how they look in different types of light at different times of day.


A highly subjective aspect, about which both domestic and foreign designers have conflicting opinions. The solution seems to me to be the above point. Trial & error, until you express the vision you have for that room.


No matter how creative, cheerful and complex the combination of colours, patterns and textures you choose, if you feel it shrinks the space or if you feel objects are fighting for your attention, you probably need to pick one or two main, statement pieces and build from there.



A place that, until recently, I considered unimportant, and because of the fact that natural light often didn’t reach it, cold and dark. This year, however, I had the opportunity to decorate my own house, which brought to my attention a lot of details that I had completely missed in my parents’ house, such as the fact that the hallway is a real passage that facilitates access from one room with a certain function to another, with a completely different utility. I also realized that the hallway is the last part of the house I see when I leave and the first to greet me when I return, as well as the clue visitors get about the type of house they are about to enter. Thus, I think I don’t need to reiterate how much my perspective has changed and how much attention I feel the hallway deserves.

My suggestion is the VLAdiLA’s Fligh of Fancy wallpaper from the Fine Lines collection. The curved, loosely drawn and frank lines lead me to think of something light and innocent. To the moments when we open doors without knowing what’s behind them. To play and childhood. And what better place to remind you of being a child, than the one you see last when you leave home and that greets you, when you return.


I love to dabble in all sorts of projects, and since working from home, my entire office building has moved into this room, on a laptop, on a walnut desk. Thus, I spend most of my time here. It’s where I get my best ideas, so it’s inspiration. It’s also where I chisel them, sift them through the sieve of reason, braid them, shape them until they crystallize, so it’s creation. It’s also where I sometimes doubt myself the most. Then, in those moments, it’s a reminder. So my office, in terms of rooms, is my best friend. It’s the one that knows me best in the whole house, which is why I feel like it should be like me.

My wallpaper suggestion is VLAdiLA’s Rumors Navy, a subtle combination of excellent feminine contours, lines and silhouettes balanced by exquisite colours with striking, masculine notes of amber and tobacco.

Every room contains the imprint of how we relate to it. Each one carries our dreams and aspirations, our moments with family and friends. Time spent with ourselves. The echo of laughter, the intimacy of whispers, emotions, fears, joy, experiences. They are all found in the pores of our home, so it deserves to be honored and complimented. Tapestries, chosen with patience and inspiration, seal the connection to the space we inhabit, so that it honours us, in turn, with the uplifting feeling of home.


Author: Evelyn Hauc

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