House of VLAdiLA launched in March a new line of textiles that can be used as drapery material, decorative cushions or upholstery for different types of furniture. Moreover, like the wallpaper that put us on the international design map, the textiles we produce have the unique quality of being transformed into a customised material, depending on the colour palette and style of the interior design in your home. This is extremely important, as a stylistically consistent interior design creates a harmonious, welcoming and tasteful atmosphere.

Before we tell you more about the VLAdiLA line of custom-made curtains, let’s take a (short) aesthetic journey through the history of curtains, highlighting the turning points of this form of decoration.

Key moments in the history of curtains

The earliest types of curtains and draperies are found in Ancient Egypt, from the 31st century BC. Historians say that the Egyptians were the first to use animal skins and furs to cover the entrances and exits of rooms, and later began to create a type of linen fabric that was lighter and easier to handle.

Another important time in the history of draperies was during the Renaissance Era, between the 14th and 17th centuries. The main purpose of the use of the materials still remains utilitarian. Architecture also saw dramatic changes, as people began to live in houses with glass windows, allowing them to see inside their neighbours’ houses for the first time. Drapes and curtains are used to provide privacy in the home and to keep insects out. At the same time, thanks to their design, which included intricate chinoiserie-like patterns, curtains also had an important aesthetic role.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the silk used as drapery material was hand-woven in delicate and elegant patterns by the hands of artists in India, Persia and China. The craft also spread to Europe and the West, especially to countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Italy. As technology evolved, the end of the 19th century saw the emergence and development of the textile industry. Curtains and draperies became accessible to the middle classes and ordinary homes took on new stylistic dimensions.

From the 20th century to the present day, curtains are no longer an accessory, but rather an undisputed must-have. Thanks to the technological development of the production process and the affordability of materials, most windows in Romania and around the world are framed by draperies made of different materials and covered with fine curtains, which complete the entire interior design of the space.

VLAdiLA textiles

We launched the new textile line because we wanted to complete the stylistic vision of our portfolio. We daydreamed, played with ideas and dared to take it one step further. We became premium textile designers, continuing the story of our wallpapers.

Have you fallen in love with one of our wallpaper designs and it’s already nestled on your home walls? Or maybe you’re just starting to decorate your home and are looking for those details that will make all the difference. No matter where you are in your interior design, VLAdiLA has textiles that can be used as curtain material, decorative cushions or upholstery for sofas and armchairs. They will transform any space into an aesthetic spectacle, an oasis of calm and relaxation.

Imagine, then, that your walls tell the story of a tropical paradise, where towering palm trees surround a heavenly oasis, a place of natural beauty teeming with energy and life. Here, exotic birds live out the slow pace of sunny days, surrounded by the fresh, seductive scents of island flowers. All is peace and song, all is the sweet vibration of nature that simply is. Then imagine how, from somewhere above, near the ceiling, a rich velvet with voluptuous folds continues the narrative thread of the story. Like a waterfall, the drapery flows down to the floor, praising the infinite space of unbridled nature, breaking the plane of two-dimensionality with its soft-touch surface. This makes everything more real, closer to you, easier to integrate with all your senses.

Home becomes the place where you take refuge from the noise of the world. It becomes the space that embraces you, that takes you inward, that furrows your brow when you’ve been too much of an adult for too long and charges you up when you need a dose of positive energy.

Dare to be unique with personalised curtains

As well as our wallpaper designs that can be created from scratch according to the customer’s wishes, the textile line includes materials that can be transformed into custom draperies, upholstery for various types of furniture or decorative cushions. This is extremely useful when you want to have total control over the final design of the space you are furnishing.

If you dream of living in a home that represents you, that speaks about you, your story, what you love and what makes your soul vibrate, choose with confidence custom material for your drapes and decorative items in your rooms. In this way, the colour palette, the patterns that come alive through the fabric fibre, the colour accents and the texture of the material become an extension of you. Harmony will be experienced with all the senses, and the boundary between you and the unleashed world will be drawn by soft folds of velvet.

Because we know it’s sometimes difficult to choose from a variety of prints, our designers offer some aesthetic suggestions you can use when looking for the perfect custom upholstery and drapery fabric.

  • Whichever room you want to decorate, start by taking a close look at all the surfaces and objects in the room. This helps you identify the dominant colours in the space. Once you’ve got an idea of the room’s colour palette, consider whether the fabric should borrow from the dominant colours, contrasting them, or instead contain neutral shades that highlight other accent pieces, such as a carpeted wall, a distinctive rug or a dramatically shaped sofa.
  • Another aspect to consider is the print of the fabric. So, depending on the style of your existing interior design, it should harmonise with the overall elements in the room.
    If your home is decorated in a minimalist style, with a white, grey or beige base and natural decorative elements of wood, glass, cotton and linen, opt for plain or oversized patterned, monochrome custom upholstery.
  • If you’ve brought nature indoors by decorating with natural plants, wallpapering with exotic landscapes and using tropical patterned upholstery, the right drapery or upholstery fabric will be one that communicates the same story, leading you to the same paradise land.

No matter what your preferred design style, at VLAdiLA you will find inspiration for draperies and furniture pieces that will complement your chosen style landscape. And if you’ve fallen in love with one of our wallpaper designs, our designers will turn it into a custom fabric for draperies and other decorative elements. With us, any space becomes home.

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